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Shawn has always loved the outdoors.  He has been hunting since he was 12 and fishing way before that. Shawn learned a lot from his father and uncle who learned what they knew from his Grandfather.  
Since he was younger he understood the importance of maintaining a balance between the comforts of our current society and understanding and learning how our forefathers survived.  This is something he hopes to instill in his own children.  Hunting and fishing are a piece of the American culture and Shawn believes it should be preserved through proper education and land conservation.   Shawn was born and raised in Painesville, OH and now lives in Mentor.  Shawn has a beautiful wife and three children.  He writes about issues that impact sportsman in general and sportsman in Mentor.   Shawn has BA in Industrial Psychology and a MBA in Project Management and is a member of Crooked Creek Conservation Club as well as the United States Practical Shooting Association.  Shawn attends St. Gabriels Church every Sunday with his family.
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