Black Brook Golf Course Opens New Practice Center

Practice center has artificial and natural tees, target greens, uneven lie area and even sand bunkers to practice on

A moment more than a year in the making has finally come -- the has opened its redesigned practice center.

The center opened Saturday and it features artificial and a 1.5-acre natural tee, an artificial tee that can be used during bad weather, target greens, an uneven lie area and even sand bunkers on which golfers can practice.

"It's great," Black Brook Manager and PGA Pro Tim Ausperk said. "We're getting a lot of people out there practicing and we've gotten a lot of good comments."

The city of Mentor has owned the golf course since 2005. It had hoped to open the center last spring but record levels of rain slowed the project.

"We had such a bad spring last year that it set us back a couple of months," Ausperk said.

The new center cost $150,000 but the city saved money by having most of the excavating work done by Mentor’s Public Works employees.

In turn, the city hopes the practice center makes Black Brook more attractive to golfers around the region.

Ausperk said the course draws about $55,000 in revenue annually. With the new practice center, Ausperk hopes that revenues jump to $80,000 to $100,000 per year.

The city of Mentor will celebrate the new practice center with a dedication and reopening to be held 10 a.m. May 5.

A closest-to-the-pin and putting contest will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and anybody can get a free 10-minute lesson with one of the course's golf pros.

All events are free but people will need to register in advance for their lesson by calling 440-951-0010.

C. Ranno May 09, 2013 at 08:10 AM
Last time I played this course, it was beautiful and very well maintained. I LOVED this course, the people, so many great memories lost. I haven't played the course since the City of Mentor took over but prior to that, the course was run by golf pro Jack Austin for over 30 years and prior to that, Jack's father, John Austin, managed the course. The course was always in pristine shape with the expertise of Mark Floyd, John S., and prior to them, a gentleman by the name of Marvin. If Mark Floyd is still the Superintendent, then this course will be in the best shape possible. So much history, so many stories... It's a shame that none of these guys were ever remembered or honored for their years of service to this golf course. If you have any great stories or memories to share during Jack or John Austin's tenure, please find and join the group Blackbrook Country Club on Facebook. Many Blackbrook legends may have passed, but I know many of you are still out there. Why don't you all use Social media to promote this course, don't you know you are sitting on a goldmine???? I don't want to see this course fail!!! At lease put up a website, there is so much history to this place, why are you not capitalizing on this???


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