Watch: Sterling Morton Students Tape Teacher To Wall For Charity

Some of the teacher's coworkers also took his shoes; but it's OK because it is for a good cause

The students of cheered for their teacher, Chuck Levkulich, like he was a conquering hero.

The chant of "Mr. L" echoed through the school's gym Wednesday afternoon.

But it was the students, and not Levkulich, who were the heroes.

They raised $1,445 for Leukemia-Lymphoma Society and, as a reward, they were allowed to duct tape Levkulich to the wall.

Levkulich's coworkers even had some more fun at his expense. They snatched his shoes once he was stuck to the wall and wrote "I Love The Browns" across the Steelers fan's tape.

The fundraiser was organized by student council coordinators Susan Stauffer and Jacqui Spetrino.

Taping teachers and administrators has become a trend at Mentor Schools this year. First, duct taped their principal to the wall. Then the .

In both cases, the students were raising money for charity


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