Watch: Mentor Schools' Anti-Bullying Report

See William Porter give the school district's report on its anti-bullying efforts from the first semester of the school year

William Porter, the director of Mentor School's kindergarten through eight grade education, gave the School Board an update on the district's anti-bullying efforts during the .

Each semester, the district gives the board an anti-bullying report. This report's information came from the 2011-2012 school year's second semester.

Porter said Mentor Schools had six reported bullying incidents at Mentor High School, five at the district's middle schools and 3 at its elementary schools.

By comparison, the district had fewer incidents at the high school and elementary schools than during last year's first semester.

It had 10 incidents at the high school and nine at the elementary school in that time span.

However, the middle schools reported one more bullying incident than last year's first semester, Porter said.

The middle schools have incorporated into its anti-bullying program.

The challenge and club are named after the first girl to die during the Columbine school shootings. The club encourages creating a culture of kindness by performing altruistic acts.


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