Superintendent Miller: What We're Seeing is Copycatting

Matthew Miller discusses the recent threats at Mentor Schools

It's clear to Mentor Schools Superintendent Matthew Miller that the recent gun and bomb threats exemplify a trend of imitation among some students.

"I think what we're seeing this week is copycatting," Miller said in a phone interview Friday before four assemblies at the three middle schools and Mentor High School. "But on the safety side, we have to treat every threat as a possible danger to our kids and we take it very seriously.

"We're doing some more things in the buildings so that student access is either limited or watched. We want our kids to be safe and this week has been pretty trying."

Miller said he was pleased that students had taken the lead in identifying those who made threats. Mentor Police have identified suspects in two of the four threats, and have also determined all four were unsubstantiated, according to the district.

Still, he said the district wants to get past this phase and put the focus back on education. Miller said the security cameras installed at middle schools this fall should help with supervision.

Miller also hopes the decision to bill the families of the students involved in these threats will dissuade any additional copycats. Principals at the schools told students Friday that the district will seek recuperation for the costs from evacuations, such as busing, fuel and food.

"That's an expense we don't think taxpayers should pay for," he said.

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