Rumor Of Student Who Threatened To Bring Gun To Ridge Middle School Is Unsubstantiated

Mentor Police and Mentor Public Schools investigated the rumor when it came to their attention Thursday

On Thursday, the Mentor Police Department received a call of a Ridge Middle School student alleging he was going to bring a gun to school today.

Both Police and Mentor Schools administrators investigated the rumor. Mentor Police interviewed the student in question Thursday night.

According to police, the rumor is unsubstantiated and no one was ever in danger.

The rumor first came to the attention of authorities when several students reported one of their classmates saying they planned to bring a gun to school.

School officials are continuing their investigation by talking to students about where the rumor surfaced. The student suspected of making the threat is not being permitted to attend school.

As a safety precaution, Ridge had extra police officers in the building Friday.

Ridge's principal and assistant principal made an announcement to students Friday to reassure them of their safety in school and explained the extra police presence in the building.   

In their statement online, the Mentor Public Schools district thanked the students who had the courage to tell authorities about the rumor. They also stressed that all threats -- even those made in jest -- will be taken seriously by the district.

"Administrators are proud of the students who heard the rumor and in turn told adults they trusted so appropriate safety precautions could be taken," they said.

"Mentor Schools will not tolerate any student making statements that would make others feel unsafe or threatened, whether in jest or otherwise."


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