Ridge Middle School Class Is Trying Out Google Chromebooks

Mentor Public Schools are using the pilot program to suss out the best way to incorporate the netbooks into their teaching

Mentor Schools is always looking for ways to use new technology to educate their kids.

And the district has added Chromebooks, which are Google's netbook equivalents, to their repertoire -- at least for a pilot program.

The curriculum department received the Chromebooks this week and they will be used in an eighth grade Ridge Middle School math class.

The use of Chromebook is part of the district’s strategic plan goal to use the most up-to-date technology to meet the needs of our learners, the district said on its web site.

The district chose to use Chromebooks in the pilot program -- as opposed to similar technologies -- for several reasons, including their cost, highly regarded management software and the books' many control features.

Also, because Chromebook is completely web-based, the users cannot download viruses or unwanted software.

What the students can do is use them to communicate with teachers and fellow students on a secure server, turn in assignments and research things online, according to a story on the pilot program by The News-Herald.

The Mentor Schools' Supervisor of Instructional Technology Jeremy Shorr told The News-Herald that the district has been loaned 25 Chromebooks at no cost so the teachers can use and get used to them.

Additionally, the district has bought a set of 25 for $6,000 for classroom use.


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