Photo Gallery: Lake Catholic Students Pitch In On Turkey Day

Students volunteered their services at parks, homeless shelters, food banks and more on Tuesday

students Alex Wilcoxon and Joey Samuele had a problem.

They were decorating Snoopy's doghouse Tuesday morning outside of Lake Metroparks Farmpark as part of Turkey Day, a yearly tradition in which seniors volunteer around the region.

Unfortunately, neither they nor anyone else in their group was tall enough to drive a nail above Snoopy's door so they could hang Christmas lights from it.

But they weren't about to let this problem stop them. Instead, Alex climbed onto Joey's back so she could reach.

Afterward, Joey joked, "We use teamwork to solve problems. That's what we do."

While Joey may have been kidding, he nailed exactly what Turkey Day is about. The Lake Catholic seniors worked together Tuesday to help, whether they were hauling dead trees at Holden Arboretum, assisting in classrooms or preparing gift bags at Project Hope.

The Cougars pitched in at 18 places across the region, ranging from parks to parishes, museums to the Malachi Center.

In addition to volunteering, the students also learn about the organization they're helping.

"It’s important that the students understand the background of the organization they’re helping for the day and how they are contributing to that sites service goals," said Michael Bernot, the assistant to the president at Lake Catholic.

Lake Catholic Cougars help out all over the place on Turkey Day. Unfortunately, I could not be everywhere. But feel free to add photos or talk about the locations you volunteered at.


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