Photo Gallery: Broadmoor Bobcats Have A Ball At Homecoming

The Bobcats beat the Mentor High Cardinals basketball team in overtime to preserve their undefeated streak

The Broadmoor Bobcats basketball team are the irresistable force and immovable object rolled into one.

And the Mentor High Cardinals, who are used to being the juggernaut, were just another victim Friday night at the Bobcats homecoming game.

However, one suspects that there are no hard feelings over this loss.

The two squads squared off in an exciting game with trick shots and even a slam dunk from Cardinal Caleb Potter.

The Cardinals tied the game 87-87 at the buzzer with a shot from Matt Crosley, who usually plays with the Broadmoor squad. (It is a tradition of Bobcats game that one player on each team switch sides.)

However, the Bobcats pulled out the win in overtime with baskets scored by Jeremy Chapin, Xavier Gipson, Kayla Taylor and Molly Toward. The final score was 93-89 with Toward passing to Chapin for the final two points in the last seconds of the game.

After the game, the Bobcats celebrated their victory at the homecoming dance. And, because nobody's a sore loser, the Cardinals came and partied too.

In addition the Cardinals, Gilmour Academy students Mike Wilson, Seamus Meaney and Grant Bent assisted the Bobcat Coach Andrew Vespa during the game and danced with the team afterwards.

Thank you to Lynnmarie Landwei-Phillips for the photos from the game and dance.


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