Bronze Star, Purple Heart Recipient Praises Mentor Students

World War II veteran Bob Zonneville praised the younger generation, calling them "much brighter, quicker than our generation"

It has become a cliche for the older generation to denigrate the youth.

Common complaints begin with "Kids these days" or "they don't make them like they used to."

But World War II veteran and Mentor resident Bob Zonneville doesn't buy into all of that.

Mentor Public Schools recognized Zonneville -- the winner of two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star -- during its Board of Education meeting Tuesday.

When Zonneville had the opportunity to speak, he didn't talk about the war or even service. He talked about today's youth.

"I have the greatest respect for our young people," he said.

"This younger generation is so much brighter, quicker than our generation. I think we seem to forget that sometimes."

Zonneville added the students of Mentor High School always treat him with respect when he speaks there.

Also at the meeting, the Board recognized both the entire Mentor High football team for their 12-2 season and quarterback Mitch Trubisky for being named Mr. Football by the Associated Press of Ohio.


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