Video: State Sen. Eklund On Bipartisanship

John Eklund, the senator for Ohio's 18th district, talks about what role bipartisanship plays in crafting state legislation

The Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Q & A with State Sen. John Eklund Friday morning at Seeker's Coffee House in Mentor.

Members of the chamber asked Eklund (R-Munson Township) questions on topics as varied as local tax collection, school funding and football fandom.

Ward Freeman said many of the candidates in the upcoming primary are talking about "working across the aisle." He then asked Eklund what role bipartisanship plays in crafting state legislation.

Eklund then gave an example from his experience on the judiciary committee.

Keep coming back to Patch for more videos from Eklund's Q & A.

Jon Fredricks February 19, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Senator Eklund must be smoking something stronger than tobacco or he's purposely trying to mislead us. He's been in the Senate for three months and he's trying to tell us that the Senate is bi-partisan? How can the Senate be bi-partisan when hearings aren't held for the most sensitive legislation like the passage of Kasich's anti-worker bills trying to blame teachers, police officer, fireman and other public workers for Ohio's money problems or when the Republicans passed voter suppression in one day with no hearings and no advance notice. Just brought it to the Senate floor and voted on it....period. That doesn't sound like bi-partisanship to me...sounds, more like brute power.


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