Video: Mentor Citizens Weigh In On Deer Issue

Several Mentor residents attended Tuesday's work session to offer their stories of deer-related woe

Several Mentor residents at .

All of them -- or, at least, all who spoke -- were in favor of thinning the herd.

Dave Bower said he has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep deer off his property and away from his gardens.

He has used fox and coyote urine, flashing lights, an air compressor and sound effects ranging from bombs to coyote howls to keep the deer away, he told Council.

Bower also said the overpopulation has caused them to act unusually. For example, they show no fear of humans.

"They're rats on hooves right now, because they're not acting like deer," he said.

Eric Lauridsen also spoke at the meeting. He told City Council that his property, which abuts , was often overrun with deer because he has a neighbor who feeds them.

"On Sunday, I saw 20 deer stretched from the golf course across my yard to where the lady feeds them," he said.

Meanwhile, Carole Clement . She said she especially liked his suggestion that Mentor Police officers could be used as sharpshooters.

"It's very nice to not export jobs," she said.

Clement also said that, while deer culling may have its opponents, most Mentor residents supported the idea.

"We have a terrific problem here and it's going to take some serious, serious -- maybe even what some people would call drastic -- steps to solve it," she said. "And I would say to our administration, 'Be brave, be bold and believe that a sizeable portion of Mentor city people are behind you.'"

The administration said it would take some time to get approval from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to cull deer, if that is what Council decides to do.

However, Janet Pruzinsky -- a Mentor resident who lives in the fourth ward -- said she needed relief from the deer as soon as possible.

"Get it done," she said. "Get it started. Somehow, get it started."

Also from the work session Tuesday:

Anon Ymous February 01, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Yes everyone, LEAVE THE DEER ALONE!! Let their numbers grow. Eventually after decimating the habitat and local wildlife, they will die a slow horrible death by starvation. Sound like a healthy and humane plan to me.
Shawn VanHuss February 01, 2012 at 10:41 PM
@ Leocadia No one wants to destroy deer for the sake of destroying them. There are real ecological implications to thier overpopulation beyond not being able to keep a garden. Experts in Tuesday's meeting talked about bird and butterfly populations leaving because the undergrowth that supports them is virtualy destroyed. Coyote populations in Mentor are growing as well due to the small malnurished deer and accidents from animal strike in Mentor are at an all time high. The deer present more of a danger than just an annoyance. I agree that the goose poplulation is annoying and a concern, but the deer issues if left unchecked present a danger to the residents of Mentor and it's current wildlife populations.
Karl Hubrath February 02, 2012 at 01:15 AM
I would like to make a comment please. I live in Mentor on the lake and I grew up in Eastlake. As long as I lived in Eastlake we never had any deer at my parents house. Now they are there all the time. My sister and I would visit my parents and when we would walk my sisters dog, of course unless we bring Morgan a 120 pound German Shepard, the deer want to attack my sisters dog. To me this says that they are over populated. I also remember seeing a coyote near my parents house at the railroad tracks, most likely from rail road track kill of the deer. I do not have answers but to me the deer are out of control. I really like the deer, would love to feed them all. I know of a lot of people who feed the deer, and guess what, that is where the problems are, just saying. To me why fly south if you get fed here, referring to the geese problem. God bless.
Carol Townhill July 04, 2012 at 09:23 AM
Why would Mentor City Council just ASSUME that the majority of citizens agree with THEIR choice to cull the deer population. We'll be voting in November -- PUT IT ON THE BALLOT.
a.adamic January 23, 2013 at 12:46 AM
Yes the next election may show what the REAL MAJORITY OF CITIZENS really want.I gurantee it is not the bow hunting and culling SLAUGHTER OF DEER that is going on nowl A lot of people tell me they are physically sick and ashamed of what is going on.One thing they still have is their vote.The grass roots movement may unseat most next election............................................


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