Planning Commission Approves Permits For Sheetz

Both opponents and proponents for the gas station spoke at the meeting

The Mentor Planning Commission unanimously approved a pair of permits and a preliminary site plan for a .

But first both proponents and detractors of the service station spoke at the meeting.

Dale Bradley lives directly south of the where the Sheetz would be. He said he would be happy if the service station replaced the present "eyesore."

"It's like a giant flea market," he said. "People are parking old cars over there for sale."

He listed his grievances regarding the empty Eckley's Corner property: Children vandalized the building; it attracted skunks and rats; people relieved themselves and dumped trash there, he said.

"People throw beer cans and beer bottles over the top of the fence into my yard," he said.

Conversely, he said Sheetz was already trying to be a good neighbor.

"They've bent over backward to try to accommodate our needs," he said.

Bradley said Sheetz agreed to build a mound between its property and the nearby houses, lower its canopy and only have indoors dining.

"This is a great deal for the community and I just hope you guys see that," he concluded.

However, not everyone agreed with Bradley.

Edward Caslin, a veterinarian at the nearby , said he was concerned about the additional traffic Sheetz would draw.

"It's already very difficult to turn onto the street from my parking lot," he said. "I can't imagine how much more difficult it will be with a gas station there."

Tom Uhas said that he thought Sheetz was a good business but it didn't suit the neighborhood.

"I can't understand why Sheetz would want to force themselves into a quiet, residential neighborhood area when there's so much open commercial space," he said.

The Planning Commission ultimately agreed with Bradley and the others who wanted the gas station. They voted for it unanimously, as the members did three years ago.

But, afterward, City Council called up the decision and voted 4-3 against allowing Sheetz to open up at Eckley's Corner.

However, three of the people who voted against Sheetz are no longer on Council.


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