Planning Commission Approves Permit for Salon Lofts in Center Street School Building

Salon hopes to move into Center Street School in April 2012

It has not been easy filling the former Center Street School building at 7482 Center Street with tenants.

Originally, Rick Osborne Jr. had planned to refit the building with condos. However, that plan was complicated when the housing market slumped.

Then, in Sept. 2010, the Planning Commission approved an amendment that would allow the second floor to be used for offices.

Now, Osborne has a tenant lined up that wants to use the entire second floor, as well as a permit that will allow them to do it.

The Planning Commission approved a conditional-use permit for Salon Lofts and Osborne at its meeting Thursday night at .

The plan is for Salon Lofts to lease their "loft" spaces to 20 to 25 independent stylists.

Erik Quigley, the director of real estate, design and construction for Salon Lofts, said they hoped to open in April 2012.

Osborne said Salon Lofts will probably attract more tenants to the building.

"We hav a new and exciting use and we think it might jumpstart development in that corner (of the Old Village neighborhood,") he said to the Planning Commission members.

As part of the project, Osborne said they would also add 49 parking spaces adjacent to the proposed salon and office spaces.

The next step for the project will likely involve a public hearing. The building is a historical site so any reimaging requires a hearing.

Also at the Planning Commission meeting:

  • The Commission approved the use of 8340 Station Street for an indoor soccer training facility for AC Premier Soccer Club.
  • Harry Fishleigh, until recently the chairman for the Commission, did not attend the meeting. . He recently pleaded guilty to embezzling in federal court.
pogmothoin October 28, 2011 at 11:52 AM
Are you kidding? Take a look at the "old downtown buildings" in Mentor where there's but a tattoo parlor and bird feeding place. My kid grew up in Mentor. We love Mentor but to now believe that they can get "independent" salon operators 25 at that is laughable. Regular salons CAN'T FILL THEIR CHAIRS. Mentor has turned into the town of "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I.E. the SAME OLD PEOPLE ARE RUNNING THE CITY OF MENTOR. I thought for sure when I came back for the summer being an election year NEW BLOOD WOULD BE THERE. INSANITY RUNS THROUGH MY BELOVED TOWN!!!


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