Mitt Romney and Chris Christie Campaign in Cuyahoga Falls

"Un-employ" Obama! Shouted one of the estimated 12,000 people who turned out to either support or protest the Republican presidential candidate.

Thousands of Ohioans turned out to see Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium Tuesday afternoon.

Lately, Ohio has become a revolving door for presidential candidates because it is traditionally considered a swing state. President Barack Obama campaigned at Ohio State University Tuesday just hours before Romney's evening stop in Cuyahoga Falls.

WATCH: Crowd Roars Over Romney's 5-Point Plan

"Ohio, are you ready to get the job done?" asked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who joined Romney on Tuesday.

More Americans like Romney this week, but he still isn't as popular as Obama nationally, according to a ABC/Washington Post poll. Of those polled, 47 percent said they liked Romney but 55 percent liked Obama -- numbers for both candidates went up after the debates, reported Huffington Post

"People at Obama rallies keep saying four more years," said Romney when he hit the stage at about 8 p.m. "They should be saying four more weeks!"

'Leave teacher unions behind'

In addition to talking about the national debt, Romney also touched on international trade and teachers unions. "I will make sure I put the kids, the parents and teachers first and leave the teacher unions behind," he said.

He repeated his promise to repeal Obamacare as well.

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Robart was first in a long line of Ohio Republicans to introduce Romney. "Under Mitt Romney, the rich, the middle and the poor will rise to the betterment of their families," Robart said.

"In 28 days, we're going to have to make the biggest decision of not only our lifetime, but our country's lifetime," said Congressman Jim Renacci.

Other Romney supporters were just as enthusiastic.

"I'm here to support Mitt to make sure we don't become another socialist state like Greek or Spain," said Art Woodard of Mayfield Heights.

'Confidence, charisma'

Stephen Troyer drove from Salem, OH to support Romney because of his pro-life and same-sex marriage views. "This election centers around moral issues," Troyer said.

Norman Brague, of Wadsworth, likes Mitt's "confidence, charisma and hard-line leadership qualities."

Pearl Doherty of Cleveland, and Rita Andrich of Medina, support Romney because they say "his plans align with God's."

At the same time, a contingent of protesters rallied against Romney's views on same sex marriage.

Others showed up to support public television in response to Romney's stated intent to stop giving money to public television.

Robert Mihaly October 13, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Lyn, after your explanation I'd have to say that I perhaps came on too strong. We agree that FOX and MSNBC don't present unbiased news and do present extreme opinions. But I prefer to avoid them, along with toxic induhviduals (intentional misspelling) like Rush, Glenn Beck, and even ever-negative Kevin O'Brien of the Plain Dealer. I prefer the calm and balance of Diane Rehm or Talk-of-the-Nation on NPR. If you don't already listen, I highly recommend them. You might be interested in this link about FOX news viewers being less informed than people who don't watch any other TV news. I intentionally used a link from Forbes, lest a troll jump down my throat for daring to refer to HuffPost or something else they won't go to. http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2011/11/21/fox-news-viewers-uninformed-npr-listeners-not-poll-suggests/
Robert Mihaly October 13, 2012 at 05:04 AM
...again with the @#&%# word limit.... Reasonable people disagree reasonably. That's what's mostly missing from all these forums. BTW, the reason I made reference to high earners, Lyn, is simple. They do so well at getting theirs because they underpay the people who work hard from them. That's why we have the greatest disparity in pay from top to bottom that has ever been seen, and it gets worse every day. They see to it that they get paid handsomely whether they succeed or fail. When they succeed, they got bonuses (and often when they fail, too). When they monumentally fail, they get their golden parachute. WE get the shaft either way. Waitresses, mechanics, and yes, teachers, work hard and do vital work. I don't expect they will get the same as the guy who owns the company or manages it, but 400 times more for the CEO? I looked up teachers' pay in NE Ohio. Although some do indeed get nearly 70K, the average in the last couple years for Ohio is around the mid-50s. I would think we'd want the best-educated teachers for our kids. I wish everybody earned a living wage. In my opinion, that is not what Romney and Ryan most care about, and I know I'm not alone, by a long shot. I'd say this discussion has about run its course now. Glad we had an opportunity to exchange views.
Watts October 13, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Having my main residence in CA, I have witnessed unemployment levels amongst my friends (mainly in the music industry), that far exceeded the national averages a few years ago. I look around me now and I don't know a single person who is unemployed. So the improvements that I have see in the world that surrounds me actually reflects an improvement that is even far better than what is being reported nationally. And I know that Ohio has a lower unemployment rate than the National average.
FedUp Ted October 13, 2012 at 08:36 PM
Just repeating an earlier fellow poster............eluding that the rest of us are "whack job Romney supporters"..............just sayin'
FedUp Ted October 13, 2012 at 08:40 PM
She must be referring to the taking away of women's rights to SUBSIDIZED birth control..........or lack there of (in a lot of cases). No rights taken away, just pay for it yourself, period.


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