Mitt Romney Campaigns in Toledo, Suburban Columbus

With Super Tuesday coming up, both GOP presidential candidates are turning their attention to Ohio.

GOP candidiate Mitt Romney came to Ohio Wednesday to campaign at a factory in Toledo and at Capital University in Columbus.

The battle for Ohio between frontrunners Romney and Rick Santorum is picking up as the two come off primaries in Michigan and Arizona earlier this week.

Both candidates have appearances scheduled for Ohio this weekend: Santorum is scheduled to appear in Chillicothe on Friday morning, while Santorum is expected to speak at the Lake County Republicans' Lincoln Day dinner in Eastlake in the evening.

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Christopher London March 01, 2012 at 08:13 PM
OHIO - THE STATE OF PLAIN DEALERS WELCOMES THE SHAPE-SHIFTING MORMON DECEIVER Bill Clinton was doing a bit of straight shooting when he said Romney's father would be rolling over in his grave listening to his son Willard Milton Romney double down on the stupid by condemning the auto industry bailout. Ohio is going to learn quickly that Romney is no 'Plain Dealer' but rather a stone cold shape-shifting, political chameleon and deceiver. Romney views the world economically from the perspective of a vulture capitalist. Like a guy who runs a body shop, Romney sees the whole is worth more sold off for parts. The King of Bain profitted off America's deindustrialization. Romney built his mcmansion(s), multiple automobiles and funds part of his campaign off of America's economic carcass and fails to take responsibility for the economic abyss that he and others like him created in America's heartland. This soul less opportunist and fraudulent con-man has no business in America's industrial heartland. If anything he ought to be coming here to apologize. China did not "steal" our jobs, folks like Romney enabled he transfer of American ingenuity out of the country. And now this SOB wants you to make him President? WTF!!
Greg Davis March 02, 2012 at 07:39 AM
Mr. London (and addressing you as such shows my patience with bigots), you by your extremely prejudicial comments (aka LIES) absolutely prove why the American people need a great American like Mitt Romney to lead and save our country from true deceivers like you whom would like to take away freedoms from those you hate!
T.S. March 02, 2012 at 01:59 PM
Its too bad people like Mr. London can only regurgitate what they wish to believe from certain networks & talking heads instead of educating himself on documented success Mr. Romney has not only brought himself, but other businesses & investors (Where I assume is where you intend to build your retirement & 401k). Maybe Mr. London would like a world where no one keeps score, where no one loses. He also probably believes headline stories like there's more oil production in America than ever before is due to Obama's policies-- instead of understanding that it was the leases that were granted years before Obama duped America into believing he had what it took to fix the economy is why production is greater. I'm sorry, but would you rather have someone who was successful in the public AND private sector, or someone that speaks well with a teleprompter as President. Unfortunately and as usual, voting for president again this year seems to be cast not FOR someone, just for someone who's not as horrible. Gotta look at the record, the REAL record, not one tainted by those with an agenda. Without venture capitalists, Apple, IBM, Harley Davidson, and countless businesses would not be in business today, would not be a household name, and would not be sitting on your desk, on your shelves, in your fridge, in a strip mall, etc... Some companies win, some lose, why have such disdain for a guy who had a much better track record of helping businesses succeed when some just couldn't?
Christopher London March 02, 2012 at 04:18 PM
ROMNEY'S BUSINESS ETHICS When Mitt Romney ran Bain Capital His Word Was NOT his Bond: http://politicalarena.org/2012/01/16/william-cohen-when-romney-ran-bain-capital-his-word-was-not-his-bond/ Leading Conservative, Marc Levin states: "I am Scared to Death if Mitt Romney Gets the Nomination": http://politicalarena.org/2012/03/01/mark-levin-im-scared-to-death-if-mitt-romney-gets-the-republican-nomination/


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