Mentor Mitsubishi Looking to Move to Former Honda of Mentor Site

Mentor Kia, which shares its location with Mentor Mitsubishi, will stay at its current address and expand

The Planning Commission has approved a conditional use permit that allows to move into the vacant dealership at 8505 Mentor Avenue that used to house .

Mitsubishi shares an address with now. But when Mitsubishi moves, Kia will remain in its current location.

"This would allow both dealerships the opportunity to grow in Mentor," said Steve Doucette. He is an attorney for Mentor Imports Inc., which owns both dealerships.

Peter Mueller, the dealer-operator for both dealership, said the former Honda building would not need any renovations – just new signs.

"We have no plans for the building except to be what it is," he told the commission.

The lot would still be owned by Gene Norris, who has owned the property for 20 years. However, he would lease it to Mentor Imports, who would be in charge of the property's upkeep.

Elizabeth Volk, who lives on Prospect Street behind the dealership, asked the commission if it could do anything to change the building's outside lighting. Specifically, she wanted the lights shielded so they didn't shine onto adjacent properties.

She also asked if anything could be done to keep delivery trucks quiet at night.

Consequently, the Planning Commission added stipulations to that effect to the permit. The commission members also noted that, by city code, dealerships could not receive deliveries between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The former Honda building has been vacant since 2010 when the dealership moved to Market Street. Earlier this year, had shown interest in putting an Audi dealership the vacant building.

Talks went far enough that the commission even amended  to

However, Penske's interest in the location has since waned.


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