Mentor Creates Supervisor Position to Improve the City's Code Enforcement Efforts

Pay range for new job is $51,233 to $70,746, plus benefits

Before the end of the year, the city of Mentor is expected to post a new job opening for code enforcement supervisor.

"The purpose of this position is to provide better accountability and streamlining of (our) code enforcement efforts within the city," said Mentor City Manager Ken Filipiak. "Once the position is filled, we'll provide direction to residents about how to address their code enforcement needs whether its nuisance related, zoning related (or) property maintenance. And we'll be able to keep better records."

Mentor City Council recently authorized Filipiak to create this position, which is expected to be advertised by year's end. The position's pay range is $51,233 to $70,746, plus benefits. Filipiak said this position will not add to the overall compensation (cost) paid out in that department, the Economic and Community Development Department.

The code enforcement supervisors will supervise enforcement officers, require better follow up on complaints and compliance, and better communication in reporting the status and outcome of investigations and enforcement actions to residents and council members.

"This change is part of the overall restructuring of code enforcement activities," wrote Filipiak in a memo to council members. "Code enforcement officers will report directly to the planning administrator in the Economic and Community Development Department under the general direction of the director (of that department)."

Code enforcement officers will be trained to respond to any property related complaint or code violation, including zoning, nuisance or maintenance.

"From the point of view of Council members," Filipiak wrote. "I envision the person filling the new position as your primary point of contact on such matters."

Larry Cardo December 20, 2011 at 04:59 PM
Sounds like more big brother to me. Maybe they can spend their day and my tax money walking the city to inspect sidewalks? I suggest they initially take the task of getting rid on all the deer in Mentor, rather than harassing residents. Larry Cardo
Pathfinder December 20, 2011 at 07:02 PM
I don't know, Larry. I think it sounds like the city taking a proactive approach to keeping the area nice, not to mention my (and your) property value up. Nuisance and maintenance issues are a real problem for residents. Ever live next to one? Code enforcement and zoning are equally as important on the business side of the city. The fact that code enforcement officers haven't had a supervisor to date is rather surprising to me. I mean, would you rather have someone trained in the matter making decisions about your property and/or your complaints, or would you rather have the likes of Ed Walsh doing it directly? I'll take the trained professional, thank you very much. And to your comment regarding sidewalks, the property owner is responsible for the sidewalks, not the city. The city code enforcement officer (and this soon to be new manager) might come and say you need to fix your walk, but that's usually after your neighbor complains. You're supposed to recognize it and fix it yourself before that happens.
Becky Lynch December 22, 2011 at 01:04 AM
Wow, we don't even have sidewalks! What's that about?
Becky Lynch December 22, 2011 at 01:09 AM
And one more thing, what do Council People do? Would not this be part of the job description of an elected official? I spoke with Mr. F. about this a few weeks ago. He explained that this position would help the city out but I honestly do not know how another $50,000 - $70,000 PLUS BENEFITS!! city job, paid by the citizens of Mentor!! is going to help 'us'. Government should be limited. This is hurting our city.


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