City Council Unanimously Approves Shooting Range Legislation

Proposed shooting range would still need a conditional-use permit from the city's Planning Commission

Mentor City Council unanimously voted for a change to the city's zoning code that would allow for a professional indoor shooting range in Mentor.

The ranges are now permitted in the city's industrial zones, with a conditional-use permit from the Planning Commission.

David Holtz attended the Council meeting Tuesday evening and told Council members that he intended to pursue a permit from the Planning Commission in the near future.

Council already passed a resolution that amends the city's ban on firing guns in the city. They can now be fired -- but only in a commercial indoor shooting range.

The issue initially came up when Holtz asked if it would be possible to open a commercial shooting range in Mentor, City Manager Kenneth Filipiak said previously.

Filipiak added that these resolutions were specifically worded to only allow professional indoor shooting ranges -- and, even then, only in Mentor's industrial zones.

Any specific businesses that want to open indoor shooting ranges would still need a conditional use permit from the Planning Commission and a discharge permit from Mentor's safety director, who is also Filipiak.

Also at the meeting:

  • Council approved a one-time, $1,000 grant to help the Confectionary Cupboard build an externally illuminated decorated wooden sign for outside its cupcakery.

The Council has approved similar grants for nearby businesses like the Lawnfield Inn & Suites and Benjamin F. Edwards & Company, according to the Council's staff reports.


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