Aufuldish, Hamercheck Discuss Impact Of Sales Tax Increase

The candidates for the Lake County commissioner's seat introduced themselves to voters at a Mentor Chamber luncheon and shared their opinions on how to grow the local economy

The Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce held a candidates luncheon for all the people running for county offices last week at the LaMalfa Centre.

Among the candidate were Robert Aufuldish and John Hamercheck.

Republican Hamercheck is looking to unseat Democratic incumbent Aufuldish as Lake County commissioner.

Hamercheck and Aufuldish introduced themselves to the crowd. Additionally, they talked about the impact of the sitting commissioners', including Aufuldish, decision to raise the sales tax .5 percent.

Fiebig's and Moran's statements are both attached to this story as separate videos.

Sanja Ceko October 07, 2012 at 04:59 PM
You forgot to mention how Aufuldish went into circles stating "If there are, and there probably are illegal... I guess we are talking about folks from Mexico because, you know we can't tell if someone is here illegally from Russia right? Because they look just like us, so. Apparently, apparently we are zeroing in on folks from Mexico whose skin is a slightly different color from ours, you know. Which is, which is sort of a racist type thing but...uh and ya know, perhaps there are but we have nothing, we have nothing we can do about that" - Bob Aufuldish! Then also I cannot believe that it was not reported on how Aufuldish endorsed Dimora for a Award NOACA Sounds Fishy to me then You have Emilee Teresczuk on the Republican side calling people "Dirty Immigrants" in public. Are we in Lake a County of Racist?
Danica Pavlovic October 07, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Aufuldish endorsed Dimora to get an Award for good work after indictment and conviction? Do you smell something wrong with this? They Aufuldish and Dimora were best friends and even did business together? http://www.cleveland.com/countyincrisis/index.ssf/2010/12/noaca_to_recognize_cuyahoga_co.html The Aufuldish types of 30 years in Politics and doing business with known criminals is why our Government is Broken and why we need some new and fresh leadership in Lake County Ohio. Before people call me an Unfair Republican Nut, I fully support Maureen Kelly against another candidate who is in it for only the money and calls people of other cultures and backgrounds bad names.


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