Advocates, Adversaries of Senate Bill 5 Talk Collective Bargaining at Mentor Chamber Event

Representatives from WeAreOhio and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce discussed Issue 2, which would impact collective bargaining, at the Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce's Candidates & Issues Luncheon

Both advocates and adversaries of Senate Bill 5 had an opportunity to make their case during the Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce Candidates and Issues Luncheon Tuesday at .

Sydney King, from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, and Jeff Rechenbach, of WeAreOhio, each received three minutes to say why they are for or against, respectively, the changes in collective bargaining that Senate Bill 5 would create.

Senate Bill 5 will appear on this November's ballot as Issue 2.

Both King's and Rechenbach's statements are attached in their entirety to this story as videos.

For more information on Senate Bill 5, Issue 2 and collective bargaining:


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