Woman Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Robbing Ex-Boyfriend

Lauren Polena was convicted of attempted bank robbery in Virginia Beach while on bond for this robbery in Mentor

Lake County Common Pleas Court Judge Eugene Lucci sentenced Lauren Polena to three years in prison for robbing her ex-boyfriend last year in Mentor.

And he made it clear that, if he could, he would have given her more time behind bars.

Polena, 21, of Concord Township pleaded guilty to a robbery charge on Aug. 30. Not long before then, the state of Ohio changed it so people convicted of third-degree felony robberies -- like Polena -- faced a maximum of three years in prison. Before that, it had been five years.

Lucci told Polena during her sentencing Wednesday that she had received a "two-year gift from the state of Ohio."

"Based on everything I see here, the maximum sentence is called for," Lucci said.

Polena was . While she was out on bond, she and another man tried to rob a bank in Virginia Beach, Lake County Assistant Chief Prosecutor Charles Cichocki said.

Cichocki said Polena was also not being genuine about her role in her ex-boyfriend's robbery. He said Polena tried to suggest she had a peripheral role but her codefendants have indicated she was the mastermind.

"She's trying to con the court into saying she's an innocent bystander," Cichocki said.

Polena's attorney, Stuart Lippe, said that Polena had abused crack and heroin and the drugs caused her to make stupid decisions.

"She was not in her right mind," Lippe said. "When you're on drugs for a long period of time, you get stupid."

Polena spoke at the hearing. She apologized for her crimes.

"I don't want these actions to represent me as as person but I know I need to take responsibility for my actions," she said.


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