Waitress Sentenced For Poisoning A Coworker's Coffee

Kaitlin Delaney will spend 15 days in jail and 30 more on house arrest for putting eye drops in a former coworker's coffee

A woman will spend 30 days on house arrest and 15 more in jail for putting eye drops in the coffee of a former coworker.

Kaitlin Delaney, 22, of Chardon, was sentenced on a charge of assault Friday morning in Mentor Municipal Court.

Acting Judge Richard Morrison sentenced her to 180 days in jail. However, she'll only have to serve 135 of them if she stays out of trouble. Morrison also allowed her to serve the first 30 days of her sentence on home arrest.

Morrison also fined Delaney $100 as part of her punishment.

Delaney used to work as a waitress in a Mentor eatery. On Aug. 1, she put eye drops in the coffee of a coworker, who was also the owner's daughter.

The coworker became sick, vomited and needed to go to Hillcrest Hospital, Mentor Police Sgt. Richard Slovenkay said at the time of Delaney's arraignment.

Slovenkay said Delaney contaminated the coffee because she didn't like her coworker and that it was "a way of getting back at her boss."

As part of her sentence, Delaney was also ordered not to contact her former coworker or employer.


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