Ridge Student Charged With Inducing Panic After Bomb Threat

The 13-year-old student is accused of writing the bomb threat that forced authorities to empty the school and search it

The student accused of causing the bomb scare last week at Ridge Middle School has been arrested and charged with inducing panic.

The 13-year-old faces the juvenile equivalent of a second-degree felony.

On Thursday, Ridge Middle School was evacuated because of a bomb threat at the school. Mentor Police, along with school officials and a bomb-sniffing canine from Geauga County Sheriff's Office, searched the school and found it to be safe.

Mentor Schools officials have had to deal with four weapons threats this month -- all of which turned out be hoaxes.

This was also second bomb threat to occur at the district within a week.

On Feb. 19, a student who is suspected of writing a threat on the wall at Memorial Middle School and causing the bomb scare was arrested and charged with inducing panic.

That scare turned out to be a hoax. The school was searched as a safety precaution and no weapon was found.

Mentor Schools Superintendent Matthew Miller said the proliferation of gun and bomb threats were because students were copycatting.

All three district middle schools and the high school held assemblies last week in which authorities discussed the serious consequences of weapons threats -- even when students don't intend to follow through on their threats.

Among the possible consequences are criminal charges and possibly expulsion, school administrators explained.

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Lisa February 27, 2013 at 02:04 PM
Why not take a deep breath, and think for just a second about this child that made this stupid mistake? Does anyone remember being 13, and going to middle school? Most likely, this poor kid thought it would be funny, or would get them a day off school to avoid a test that wasn't studied for, or maybe it was a misguided cry for help or attention. Now, we all know that the identity of this child will quickly become known to all of their peers, and so any insecurities or emotional or social problems that caused this behavior will now be compounded exponentially. This poor kid, who made a very bad decision, will be forever identified by their worst moment in middle school. I am not excusing this child's behavior, they definately knew it was wrong, but who reading this can say that they didn't do something really dumb when they were 13? Thank goodness that most of us haven't had those mistakes make headlines.
GiGi February 27, 2013 at 02:19 PM
Michael, you are right. No wonder things keep happening to our kids. Could you please post your child's name, age, grade, school and average GPA? I think I would like to blacklist them. Thanks. And in case the sarcasm doesn't translate well, sometimes good kids do really stupid things. That child was arrested and will pay (emotionally, financially, etc..) without having their name posted and "blacklisted" on the Internet for the rest of their lives.
Emma February 27, 2013 at 07:03 PM
Lisa, abe and Ellen, and Gina, Could not agree more!! I monitor who my kids hang out with, but in the end you will have to trust that you have given them the right tools to make good choices. I truly do not believe this little girl meant harm. She probably figured they would get the day off. And most likely, had help. The threat should be taken seriously, but nobody really needs to know who she is. That does not solve anything. It would only make her a target For angry people like michael. Her identity is none of your business. Like Ellen said, there are a lot more dangerous kids that just havent made it known...yet. its a lot easier to just teach your own kid how to behave, treat others, right from wrong and what to do in dangerous situations. I just think this was a case of poor judgement. If this girl had a track record of this behavior, they would have said so. Mpd and the school board are dealing with this, everyone else needs to move on and try and get things back to normal for our kids. Also, I think if they really want to teach her a lesson, instead of charging her with a second degree felony, suspend her, make her clean up ANY walls, and maybe have her attend the memorial in chardon, or maybe have her sit down with Family members of Danny, Russell or Demetrius. Let her see how they are dealing with tragedy. I think that would be a more effective eye opener....she is 13! I think the punishment may not fit the crime in this case.
Emma February 27, 2013 at 07:08 PM
Thanks again to Jason Lea for keeping us up to date on everything that we NEED to know, and for not revealing names of children that we do not.
ellen February 27, 2013 at 10:48 PM
I agree with you Emma, everything you've said along with Abe, Lisa and Gina. Thanks.


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