Note Used to Rob Walmart, Failed Pizza Robbery, Drunk Man Tased: Best of the Blotter

Here are some of the weirdest police reports and incidents from departments across the region.

Here are this week's most bizarre police calls, reports and charges. All information was provided by police reports from departments in Patch communities. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction. 

Drug Thieves Scamming Stow Businesses

The Stow-Glen Retirement Village reported dozens of missing pain pills to Stow Police April 3.

The retirement complex management told police that more than 30 100-milligram pills of Oxycotin, more than 30 80-milligram Oxycodone pills and 17, 15-milligram Oxycontin pills were found missing from a medicine cart, according to Stow Police.

Failed Robbery

At about 12:20 a.m. Friday morning, a masked man attempted to rob Papa John's Pizza; however, the business — located at 1630 State Rd. — was already locked up for the night. 

Cuyahoga Falls police reported the man ran up to the pizza parlor, pulled on the bolted front door, panicked and ran northbound on State Road. 

A Papa Jonn's employee witnessed the incident and said the man appeared to be white, judging by the skin that could be seen through the eyeholes of the ski mask, according to police radio traffic. 

Man Uses Note to Rob Walmart

A man used a note written on a napkin to rob a cash register at Walmart about 1 a.m. April 5, according to police.

A cashier at the store told police a man in her line kept letting people go ahead of him until no one was behind him.

Then he walked to the register, pulled a crumpled napkin out of his coat pocket and set it in front of her. The note said, "Act normal. Empty the drawer quietly."

The woman handed over $762 and asked if he wanted the change, too. The robber said he did not, although in less-polite terms.

Man Tased After Drunken Episode in Cuyahoga Falls

A 22-year-old Cuyahoga Falls man was arrested twice then tased on April 10 after he reportedly got into a scuffle with a Chestnut Beer Garden patron and police. 

Police served the man with a disorderly conduct by intoxication citation at the bar and then arrested him at 1:30 a.m. after he slapped the ticket out of an officer's hand, according to the police report.

At that point, he was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing official police business, both second-degree misdemeanors.

He was taken to Cuyahoga Falls Jail, and, upon release, the man began screaming at officers and was subsequently tased during the outburst that occurred in the police station parking lot off Second Street. 

Police arrested the man again for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


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