Mentor Police Will Put Extra Cruisers on the Streets for Super Bowl Weekend

Mentor Police will be watching for drunk drivers and speeders this weekend

Mentor Police will have a blitz of its own this weekend.

They are putting additional cruisers on patrol today to dissuade people from drinking and driving.

Police also offered the following tips for hosting a safe Super Bowl Party:

1. Reassure your guests who don't want to drink that they can still have fun. Don't force drinks on your guests or rush to refill their glasses right away.

2. Always serve food, especially high-protein foods like cheese and meats that stay in the stomach longer, slowing down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.

3. Avoid mixing alcohol with carbonated beverages because carbonation increases the speed that the body absorbs alcohol.

4. Have non-alcoholic drinks available.

5. Stop serving alcohol two hours before the party is over but continue serving non-alcoholic drinks and food. Be aware that this two-hour wait is not enough time for most people to clear all the alcohol from their system.

6. Don't let people drink and drive. Carpooling and cabs can save lives. It's the responsibility of everyone (especially the party host) to stop drinkersfrom driving.

7. Last, but far from least, make sure that all your guests know how you feel about drinking and driving.


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