Man Accused Of Scamming Walmarts In The Area With Counterfeit Money

According to Mentor Police, Shakeel Jeffcoat would use counterfeit $100 bills to buy electronics at local Walmarts and then return them at another Walmart for money

A man is accused of using counterfeit money to scam the Walmart in Mentor and several others in the area.

Shakeel Jeffcoat and at least one other unidentified man would use fake $100 bills to buy electronics at one Walmart, Mentor Police Lt. Tim Allen said. Then they would return the electronics at another area Walmart for the money.

On Tuesday, Jeffcoat -- who is 20 years old and from Wilmington, DE -- and another man returned an iPad mini at the Walmart in Mentor for $300.

They then bought two cameras for $990 with 10 counterfeit $100 bills, Allen said.

The manager of the store realized their money was counterfeit soon thereafter and contacted other Walmarts in the region to warn them about the scam.

Jeffcoat and his accomplice were in the Chardon Walmart when the store received the warning, Allen said.

Consequently, Chardon Police were called and arrested Jeffcoat. His accomplice ran away and is still at large.

When police arrested Jeffcoat, he had 11 more counterfeit $100 bills on him and one of the purchased cameras, as well as receipts from the Walmarts in Cleveland Heights, Willoughby and Mentor, Allen said.

Jeffcoat was charged with two felony counts of criminal simulation and one count of theft. He is scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Mentor Municipal Court.

The Secret Service is investigating where Jeffcoat got his counterfeit money, Allen said.


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