Doctor Accused Of Scamming Mentor Pharmacy

Dr. John Brownlee is accused of trying to scam a Mentor Kmart for tramadol; has previously had his medical license suspended for drug abuse

A doctor with a history of substance abuse was arraigned on a charge of deception to obtain a dangerous Tuesday in Mentor Municipal Court.

John Brownlee, 46, of Highland Heights, is accused of trying to scam tramadol -- a pain killer -- from the Kmart in Mentor on May 30, according to court records.

Brownlee is being investigated by the Lake County Narcotics Agency. He turned himself in Tuesday, was arraigned and released on a personal bond.

Brownlee has been censured by the State Medical Board of Ohio before for his drug use, according to documents on the Ohio License Center's web site. (The aforementioned documents have been attached to this story as a PDF.)

In 2006, the Board suspended Brownlee's medical license for 270 days. After receiving elbow surgery that year, he was prescribed Vicodin for his pain. After that prescription ran out, he started prescribing himself Percocet, using fictitious patients' names, according to a consent agreement from the Board.

Even before then, Brownlee had a history of chemical abuse, according to the Board. He previously received treatment for addiction in 1993 at the William J. Farley Institute in Virginia and again in 1994 at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation after he suffered a relapse.

After completing his suspension, Brownlee was allowed to return to medicine on a probationary status.

However, after four years, Brownlee seemed to relapse again, according to the Board.

In 2010, he asked several doctors over whom he had authority to write painkiller prescriptions for him, the Board said. Brownlee claimed the drugs were for relatives or other patients the doctors had not seen.

Brownlee has not worked at a hospital since January 2011, according to the Ohio License Center web site. Additionally, he listed himself as unemployed in court paperwork Tuesday.

However, he came to the court hearing wearing doctor's scrubs.

His next court hearing is scheduled for Nov. 1.

Geena November 28, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Yep, he took my money and ran, too. Wow. I hope he gets help.
DT February 04, 2013 at 07:03 PM
I enjoyed my laser treatment there, and would like to introduce some friends, however the phone get disconnected, just found out why. I felt bad for him, what he did was not ethical, but it was truely not a big deal, it is scary that how strict the law can be. I have to re-think if let my son go into the medical field. It is not fair to kill someone's career like this, what's wrong with people?
Patty Szewcyk February 20, 2013 at 04:17 PM
Justice March 27, 2013 at 07:19 PM
for someone who is not guilty. Just looked on Lake county common pleas website and he has entered a guilty plea to all the charges. Getting sentenced June 1st. Also see his last appeal with the Ohio medical board was rejected for the final time. Cant ever practice again. Good Luck finding a Job now with a Felony-5 on your record.


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