Bar Trespasser Sentenced To 3 Months In Jail

Angelo Vitolo was also ordered by the court to participate in a chemical abuse treatment program and aftercare

The man has been sentenced to spend three months in jail.

Angelo Vitolo, 23, of Willoughby, and was sentenced Aug. 20.

Mentor Municipal Court Judge John Trebets sentenced Vitolo to six months in jail but suspended three of those months, according to online court records.

Additionally, Vitolo was given credit for the 22 days he spent in jail before sentencing, so -- if he does not violate his probation -- he will only serve another 68 days in jail.

Trebets also ordered Vitolo to participate in a chemical abuse treatment program and aftercare.

Finally, Trebets put Vitolo on probation for two years and ordered that he pay restitution to the Hooley House.

Vitolo broke into the Mentor pub after it had closed July 29.

When police arrived, they found Vitolo by the bar drinking a jack and coke with a cherry on top that he had made himself, police said.

He initially claimed to work for the bar but police arrested him when they found that wasn't true.

Vitolo got into trouble again after he was arrested. He ripped the smoke detector from the ceiling of his jail cell and shoved it in his toilet, trying to make it overflow, police said.

Vitolo was also charged with theft and petty vandalism. However, those charges were dismissed as part of his plea bargain.

CCRady September 11, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Please quit entertaining/accepting plea bargains from these criminals! You're not helping them and you're certainly not helping the communities they reside in! Once they are found guitly, they NEED to serve their sentences. Otherwise, what's the incentive to stop?


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