Bank Robber Sentenced To One Year In Prison

Stacey Robinson's attorney said stress from losing his son, as well as financial pressures, caused him to make a bad decision

"I'm not a bad person," Stacey Robinson told Lake County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Gibson. "I just did a bad thing that day."

The day to which Robinson referred to is Aug. 29, 2012, when he robbed the PNC Bank in Mentor.

Robinson had previously pleaded guilty to the bank robbery and was sentenced Wednesday in Gibson's court.

Robinson's attorney, Assistant Lake County Public Defender Margaret Campbell, said stress led Robinson to make a bad decision. His son had died from a gunshot earlier that year, she said.

Also, Robinson was behind on his rent. In fact, one of the first things he did after robbing the bank was get a money order to pay his back rent, Campbell said.

"This was a poor plan by a desperate man," she said. "It was a ridiculous plan. He went to his own plan."

Campbell also noted that he didn't bring a weapon into the bank or threaten to use a weapon during the robbery. Instead, he handed the teller a note demanding money.

"There was no physical harm. There was no threat of physical harm," Campbell said, adding "though I know that it could be inferred."

Assistant Lake County Prosecutor Taylir Linden noted that while Robinson might not be a bad man, he is still guilty of robbing a bank.

"It was, in fact, a bank robbery -- a very serious offense," Linden said.

Gibson agreed with Linden's assessment and sentenced Robinson to one year in prison.

"I do believe that you have genuine remorse," Gibson told Robinson, "but we are still dealing with a bank robbery."

In addition to his prison sentence, Gibson also ordered Robinson to pay $619 in restitution.


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