Trayvon Martin, Conformity & Ayn Rand: Listening To Local Voices

See what local bloggers have to say on everything from Trayvon Martin to "Atlas Shrugged"

1. If you've heard the Trayvon Martin story and do not understand why George Zimmerman hasn't been charged with anything yet, then you should read .

Spirgen -- without taking a side in the argument of if Zimmerman should be charged -- explains Florida's Stand Your Ground Law and how it compares to Ohio's Castle Doctrine.


In Florida, a person may use force, even deadly force, anywhere and at any time, if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent an immediate threat of death or great bodily harm.

In these situations, a person may use deadly force, even though he could have avoided the situation by simply walking away. And unlike Ohio’s Castle Doctrine, the Florida statute is not restricted to cases where a person is defending her own home; it applies at work, in a bar or on a public street.

Spirgen also explains to complete this investigation.

2. Psychologist Gene Benedetto .

You don't have to make everyone else happy all the time. In fact, some time doing that can drive you up a wall.

In fact, he who thought she was going crazy because she spent so much time people pleasing.

3. The self-proclaimed defender of common sense, Patrick Giusto, .

He argues that people should not base their politics on fiction.


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