A Little Mouse Offers The Meaning Of Christmas

Pets remind us the meaning of Christmas - if we only slow down enough to notice

'Twas the week before Christmas

And all through the house

All the creatures were stirring -

Well, all but the mouse.


These pets knew, in their wisdom,

Santa'd be on his way in,

And they hoped that he realized

How good they had been.


Sure, Bear had represented them

At ,

Delivering all his friends' lists

To the jolly old Claus.


But could Santa read paw prints,

And would he forgive it,

All those times Bear jumped up?

Would he let him outlive it?

“Stupid dog,” Tiger growled,

But tried not to be shrill.

This was Christmas, after all.

And cats appreciate goodwill.


Tabby Tiger purred to imagine

New toys, but instead

This year's wish to Santa

Was a heated cat bed.


Bear has his eyes on one thing, too -

And he made it quite clear -

Linkables toys, interchangeable

For enjoyment all year.

Oh, and Tiger and Bear,

Agree they could share (they'd commit)

A $30 water bowl

If Santa'd splurge on it.

Now the smaller animals were easier,

With little to demand.

All they requested for Christmas

Was their necessities – and


Crackers the parakeet figured

Holiday cheer'd be inviting

In his cage and requested

a festive wreath, sans the lighting.

Floppy wanted timothy hay;

Shelly, a painted shell – so few needs.

Rocky the turtle asked for nightcrawlers;

Chunks the gerbil, pumpkin seeds.

So the eve after Santa Paws,

The pets gathered 'round Bear.

“Did he understand my hay order?”

“Did you tell him we'd share?”


When from the top of the table

There arose a tiny noise,

And from the tiny mouse cage

Came a tiny mouse voice:

“I've heard you all for days,

Plotting your lists.

I see what it's done to you.

So materialistic!


“And now we bombard Bear,

Who did such good work, friends,

Telling Santa we look forward

To his visit this weekend.


“Let's remember that all of

The things we requested

Are all things for ourselves,”

the tiny mouse contested.


“What makes us a family

And Christmas chief, furr or feather,

Is that when Santa pays a visit,

We all enjoy him together.”

Now it's said that Crackers

Had an dream that night

Of flying to the North Pole

And apologizing on site.


What we know is that Santa,

with his bowl full of jelly,

brought that water bowl to the kitchen

and a painted shell for Shelly.


He delivered on the Linkables

and the cat bed, warmer 15 degrees.

He delivered on the hay, worms,

the wreath and pumpkin seeds.

And to the mouse, Santa delivered

A gentle kiss to his crown.

“The happiest day of the year!” the mouse squeaked.

“But,” Santa said, “you all make 'happy' year-round!”


Then Santa filled the tree with all that the people wanted

Quite quickly, with so many more stops to make on his shift.

But 'ere he leapt up the chimney, Santa exclaimed, “Happy Christmas!”

“Now this morning, be sure to seem surprised with your gifts!”


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