Pet Pause Family Welcomes Twinsburg, Solon

New Readership to Yield More Expansive Local Pet Focus - and I Could Use Your Help

About this time of year, we all reflect on the months past and what the coming year may hold.

Now is also a time of reflection and growth for Pet Pause.

In the past month, our readership has expanded from Mentor, near my home, to Twinsburg and Solon.

This won't prevent us from still exploring topics near and dear to pet owners everywhere: responsible pet waste removal, adoption, feral control, cost savings, puppy mills and hazards like fleas, ticks, summer heat and — yes, even in Twinsburg and Solon — coyotes.

Pet Pause will continue to preview events for pet owners of our region: Dog Nights at the ballparks, Woofstock at Holden Arboretum, and things like Santa Paws in Mentor. (Click here for more information on this photo session Saturday and Sunday, December 1 and 2, with one print for $15 or two prints for $20 assisting Lake Humane Society in its important mission.)

Personal pet ownership tales will also show up from time to time: battling pet fur, courting hummingbird visitors, improving the home and introducing a new member to our family. (My husband, Jamie, and I are expecting a son in...wow, one week, so there should be some stories to tell about how that affects our beautiful and somewhat spoiled tortoiseshell cats, Muppet and Sistercat.)

However, our coverage will soon expand to topics of interest in Twinsburg and Solon, as well. It's my hope that Mentorites will enjoy learning how things are 30 to 40 minutes down Route 271 — remembering the bond we share no matter where we're living, our pets.

For instance, I see Twinsburg houses the headquarters for PAWSibilities Humane Society of Greater Akron. Summit County's rescue organization has a very nice website; when you have a free moment, take a virtual tour of its facility or peruse its new online store. (Click here for details on its Photos With Santa on Saturday, December 1, with a $10 sitting fee and photos available for order online).

And a cursory Google search shows Solon is a place with a fair number of pet training and grooming locations, among them The Grooming Station, K9 Design Dog & Cat Grooming, The Dog-Owner Connection and Graceful Paws. All three intrigue me, particularly the difference in training philosophies between the two training businesses. What sets them apart?

Here's where you new readers come in.

What else is good in Twinsburg and Solon that the world should know? Which groomer gives the best pet makeover? Are there any issues in your cities you feel should be addressed? Where's the nearest dog park, and what makes it worth a visit from Mentor?

National issues of interest will also make Pet Pause a stronger publication, so please speak up when something perks your ears. I'm best reached at sandyklepach@gmail.com, but I read comments posted directly to my columns as well.

And Mentor, this call is also out to you, too. I'm fairly nearby in Chardon, but I could certainly know you better. What pet-related topics would you like to read about in the new year?

Among all the exciting events ahead for the Wards, I truly look forward to new relationships with all of you during this expansion period for my column. For nearly two years, writing Pet Pause has enriched my life every week — and never moreso than when I get a glimpse into yours.


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