Our Homeless Animal Champion Turns 75

Last month among Lake Humane Society's most successful due to reduced fees; anniversary year promotions to come

In 1937, the first successful flying car caught air and Texas spinach growers erected a Popeye statue.

The Hindenburg airship burst into flames and the Golden Gate Bridge opened to the masses.

Also, Lake Humane Society became the beacon of hope it remains today for our homeless animals — and this 75th year will be full of monthly promotions to celebrate, Executive Director Chuck Farone says.

Kicking off this notable anniversary comes news that last month ended with more than 100 cat and dog adoptions, thanks to reduced fees getting those pets out of cages and into homes.

Fees typically range from $25 to $115 for cats and kittens and $85.75 to $145.75 for dogs and puppies; all animals are already spayed or neutered and vaccinated according to age, and all dogs are licensed.

“These fees are in place because their care costs up to $15 per day per animal,” Farone said, “more if the animal have special needs.”

But during the month of December, fees for cats and dogs of all ages were halved — causing “one of the best Decembers we have ever had,” Farone said. “With the economy the way it's been, our adoptions have been down all year long, so we knew there would be more than usual. But this definitely surpassed our expectations.”

Almost always at its capacity these days, Lake Humane Society has turned people down the past three and a half months who needed help relocating animals.

“Now we've moved a lot of animals from the back holding area, where they get seen by the vets, to up front, and can start taking in animals again,” he said.

By Friday, the facility at 7564-E Tyler Boulevard in Mentor had only three dog runs open, and had reached cat capacity again. But the shift also means that animals previously stashed in the back are now available for people to view and consider adding to their families.

In other words, if you recently visited and went home empty-handed, it's definitely time to come check again.

This anniversary year also brings a brand new website, expected to launch by the end of January, and a campaign to accrue 2,000 “Likes” on its Facebook page, useful for sharing animal profiles and event information. Already there are more than 1,500 on the page, debuted about nine months ago with Mandy Osborne, marketing and fundraising coordinator, at its helm.

“Like I said, this year the economy really put a hit on us; nobody's really adopting and our donations are down,” Farone said. “But our awareness and our followers are up, and our Facebook page has opened up the eyes of a lot of people throughout Lake County and elsewhere about what's really going on.

“It's going to be a really big year for us.”

Happy 75th Birthday to Lake Humane Society!

Learn more about the shelter, its mission and its adoptable animals at 440-951-6122, www.lakehumane.org or www.facebook.com/lakehumanesociety.

Holly Nagy February 20, 2013 at 08:34 PM
Pictures we need pictures of those that need adopted.


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