Moms Talk: Surviving Flu Season

What can you do to stop the flu from running rampant through your home?

Each week the Mentor Patch Moms Council answers a question on parenthood posed to them by readers or another member of council.

This week's question:

It's beginning to look a lot like flu season.

Lake Health is limiting the number of visitors at its medical centers. Lake County Health District is reminding us they still have flu shots available.

What -- if anything -- can be done to prevent the flu from running rampant through homes with children? Or is it just a matter of time once one of your kids (or grandkids) have it?

Donna Milnes:

I am a huge believer of getting the flu shot every year.

If there is something that can keep me from getting the flu, or making it less severe, I’m all for it.

The other thing that I practice with my kids and the grandkids is washing hands as soon as you take your coat off and come into the house.

If you get in this habit, you are not spreading germs throughout your house from stores, schools, etc. Also I think washing dishes in the dishwasher is a better sanitizer than hand washing.

Above all else, if you do get the flu, stay home and rest and get better. Please don’t share with others.

Kimberly Jones:

Well, first make sure you wash her hands after sneezing and coughing.  Also cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough and teach your young ones to do the same.

I tell my 2 1/2 year to cover her mouth when she coughs.

I recommend the flu shot now. I wouldn't get one about 4 years ago, but then my daughter (who is a senior now) came down with the flu when she was a freshman and had to miss a week and 1/2 of school and marching band.


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