Moms Talk: Discussing Politics with Your Children

Mentor Patch moms discuss how they initially brought up politics with their kids

Each week the Mentor Patch Moms Council answers a question on parenthood posed to them by readers or another member of council.

This week our question is: How did you initially discuss politics with your children?

Donna Milnes:

When my children were growing up they were included in discussions about politics. 

We always made a big deal about our right to vote and that people had different opinions and could disagree, but in the end we still come together as Americans in this wonderful country. We stressed that this was what makes our country great!

This year where I work was also a voting place and I was pleased to see many children coming in to see the voting process with their parents.  I thought this was a great way to instill a sense of patriotism and pride in our young people of the future.


I always talk to my children regarding the different issues and also the different candidates. I tell them that it is their choice who they choose, but to make sure that they always register to vote because that is the only way it will make a difference.

Mary Jo Stack:

You know, I don't remember specifically talking directly to them about politics for a while, but I do think they picked up on things by watching my example. When my children were in elementary school, I was the co-chair of the school levy campaign and very involved in our schools. I know they overheard me speaking about politics and legislation.

I think we lead best when we lead by example to show them it's important to be involved. I think initially children follow their parents' lead and then hopefully, think for themselves. This is evidenced by how different each family and family member is. I have always believed there is a fine line between nature and nurture.


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