Moms Talk: Dealing With Teens On Halloween

Moms talk about trusting their teens on Halloween

Each week the Mentor Patch Moms Council answers a question on parenthood posed to them by readers or another member of council.

This week's question: What is the best way to make sure teens don't get into too much trouble on Halloween? Is there a good way to keep tabs on them without seeming overbearing?

Jill Korsok:

I've always kept them close to home and they have to check in regularly.

I hope that they have enough respect for other people and for their parents that they wouldn't do anything stupid, but just to be sure - I threaten to take their phone, their cars and their college funds if such stupidity should occur - that usually does the trick!

Melanie Majikas:

I guess I'm fortunate that neither of my girls are big fans of Halloween, so it's not something that I really think about.

I do wonder when it stops being appropriate for teens to go trick or treating. Generally, if they make an attempt to dress up as something and are polite, I don't have a problem with them coming for candy.

Mary Jo Stack:

My son stopped going out at age 14, my daughter 16. They always went with a small group of friends and I never had to worry about them; they are good kids and hang out with good kids.

I don't mind older kids coming to my door on Halloween. It seems we get more older kids in my neighborhood. I'm not really sure where all the little kids even go to trick or treat in our area. Most kids are good and no trouble. I think I saw more mischief from teens on Halloween when I was a kid than I do now.

You can't follow their every step. It doesn't need to be Halloween to get into trouble. We have to take that leap of faith that they will keep safe and out of trouble.

Kimberly Jones:

My oldest daughter last went out when she was 16, but I wasn't worried because she is also a good kid and hangs out with good kids also.

I agree with MaryJo, saw more trouble on Halloween when I was younger then now and also it happens not just at halloween but anytime of the year.

Donna Milnes:

I think my girls were about 12 when they stopped going out for Halloween. They started getting together with friends for a Halloween party or movie at someone’s home, if they dressed up at all.

They also liked to stay home and hand out the candy to little ones so it never was an issue.  

Michelle October 12, 2012 at 01:25 AM
My daughter is planning on going out Trick or Treating with some friends. They go on their own but they will be checking in often. I have laid down all the ground rules: stay in neighborhood, dont go in anyones house, be polite, be home on time, etc . . . . any infraction and the phone, ipod etc are gone!!! They are working so hard to put costumes together, I wish they could spend more time wearing them/having fun. Is there anyplace where tweens can go for a safe, Halloween Party? Just for a couple hours? Stagez was great but they went out of business . . . . . .


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