United Way Of Lake County Still Donating To Boy Scouts' Programs

The Cuyahoga County branch of the United Way recently stated its intent to not support the Boy Scouts over the Scouts' practice of banning open or avowed homosexuals

Unlike its neighbor in Cuyahoga County, the Lake County branch of the United Way will continue to donate to Boy Scouts' programs.

The United Way of Lake County Board of Directors voted at their Tuesday meeting to continue funding programs through the Boy Scouts of the Greater Western Reserve Council.

The local chapter of the United Way decides what local programs should receive funding through its Evaluation and Investment Process, in which volunteers appraise programs and then suggest if UWLC should donate to it.

Each program is examined for its efficiency, effectiveness and its impact on the local community.

Last year, the United Way of Lake County allocated the Greater Western Reserve Council $74,000 for four programs – Cubs, Scouts, Explorer and Training – upon the recommendation of its E & I volunteers.

The Boy Scouts will be eligible for future funding beginning in July, the UWLC added in a statement.

The United Way of Greater Cleveland recently announced it won't give money to the Boy Scouts locally, effective July 2013. The UWGC said they take issue with the Boy Scouts' policy of banning open or avowed homosexuals.

By comparison, UWLC's recent statement on its continued donations to the Boy Scouts made no mention of same-sex rights or policy.

Instead, it focused on the sevice the Boy Scouts have done in the local community.

More than 3,000 children in Lake County are directly served through the scout programs to which the United Way of Lake County donates, UWLC President Deborah Foley said.

"They have found the programs to have good outcomes, such as building character, self-sufficiency, and life skills," she added.

"It was reported to us that the Boy Scouts of the Western Reserve volunteered more than 7,100 hours last year for community service," Foley said.

"We have depended on our Scouts to assist with the community’s food drive. We call upon the Scouts, especially the Explorers, to work in the food distribution centers weighing and sorting foods so we can distribute the items to more than 50 food pantries throughout the county. The Scouts have been a valuable part of our community through many years."

The United Way of Lake County previously released a statement on their support of Boy Scouts' programs, in which they said, "We do not fund organizations, we fund programs."

They then elaborated, "We fund for more than 3,000 people through four programs to assist them in developing skills to build character, responsibility, community, family values and to work and socialize with peers."


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