Post Your Prom Photos

Prom season is upon us and we want to see your photos of Prom Present and Prom Past

Prom season is officially upon us.

had its dance last week; 's was Saturday.

And I want to see your prom photos -- not just from you seniors either.

I know you parents have your own prom snapshots locked up somewhere. (That canary yellow cummerbund seemed like a great idea at the time, eh?)

Let's see those photos of Prom Present and Prom Past. I want to see your classy, your cool, your fashionable and funny. (I'd rather you not post your vulgar.)

Show it off -- whether you favor Easter Egg pastels or a Shel Silverstein color palette, it's all fair game at prom.

Tuxedos and top hats. Headbands that match the purse that match the heels, which are so high they could induce vertigo. Bow ties, cummerbunds, suspenders, slats – anything goes, man. It's prom.

To upload your photos, click on the "add your photos & videos link" and follow the instructions.

(Note: you do have to register on Mentor Patch before you can upload photos. Don't worry, there's no charge to sign up and you won't be inundated with emails.)


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