Money Laundering, Collective Bargaining & Slumber Parties: The Week In Review

Catch the biggest headlines of the week from Mentor Patch

1. started with a Mentor man, Anthony Raguz.

And this week

Raguz, 52, issued more than 1,000 fraudulent loans totaling more than $70 million to more 300 account holders at St. Paul Croatian Federal Credit Union from 2000 to April 2010, according to court documents. He was also accused of accepting more than $1 million worth of bribes, kickbacks and gifts in exchange for the fraudulent loans.

2. Not to frontload this weekly review with crime news, but that is thought to be behind more than a dozen break-ins in Lake County.

Rose Santos, Robert Nelson and Rodney Williams were all arraigned Monday morning in .

They all face charges of burglary and possession of drug abuse instruments.

3. Mentor Patch is committed to covering all aspects of the November ballot -- .

And no issue is getting more attention than Issue 2, which would decide the future of collective bargaining in Ohio.

The , but they are both gaining in popularity.

4. is .

See what I did with "pace" there... because they sell running shoes.

Never mind.

5. To end on a fun note, columnist and mother Devone Lansing


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