Learn How To Deep Fry A Turkey At Mentor Public Library

The professionals from Gander Mountain show the safe way to do it during a demonstration Thursday at Mentor Public Library

Thanksgiving is visible on the horizon and that means turkey.

And, while most people will enjoy the classic oven-roasted bird, a few more adventurous types will try deep-frying their poultry.

Now, a deep-fried turkey is delicious but the cooking process can also be very dangerous. (Ask a firefighter about Thanksgiving morning.)

Fortunately, the professionals of Gander Mountain will be giving a free demonstration of the safe way to deep fry a turkey 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Mentor Public Library's main branch.

Specifically, the demonstration will happen in the parking lot. (Rule number one: Don't deep fry a turkey inside.)

The Gander Mountain folk will also share their special spice rub and marinade recipes, as well as show the cooking equipment you will need to deep fry your fowl.

The demonstration is free to the public. However, people are encouraged to RSVP for the event.

They can do so online or by calling 440-255-8811.


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