Gander Mountain Teaches Urban Deer Hunting At Library

Experts even set up a tree stand at Mentor Public Library to show how it's properly done

Urban deer hunting has been a hot topic in the city this summer with .

Consequently, a joint seminar from and is aptly timed.

Experts from Gander Mountain, as well as the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, offered tips on deer hunting and tree stand setups.

Gander Mountain Store Manager Kevin Matty and Zone Supervisor Mitch Leppelmeier reviewed baiting techniques, and the safe operation of the compound bow and crossbow used to harvest deer in urban areas.

Later the men demonstrated the safe way to arm and disarm a bow and the use of a haul line to pull up and lower gear and unloaded bows to a tree stand.

Later in the program, Matty and Leppelmeier demonstrated how to set up a 15-foot tall tree stand placed against a maple tree located at the Mentor Public Library Read House lawn. They stressed the importance of safety to prevent falls and injuries.

“You must have two people to set up this stand. Place a safety strap (connected to the stand) around the tree and maintain three points of contact with each step when climbing up,” Matty said, wearing a full-body harness and safety line. “Face tree, then take a deep breath and relax before climbing up.”

The next Gander Mountain seminar will cover Waterfowl Hunting to take place at Main Library, 8215 Mentor Avenue, at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 20.  Call (440) 255-8811, ext. 215 to register for the program.


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