Cleveland Clinic, Joseph Thomas & Deer Hunting: A Week In Review

Catch up on the biggest news stories of the week

1. This was a big news week in Mentor. A lot of long-simmering issues (both good and bad) came to the surface.

For example, .

That could potentially be huge -- maybe even hundreds of jobs huge.

After all, one does not simply acquire 47 acres to park cars.

For now, the Clinic is being cautious about discussing its intentions.

"We are currently in a due diligence process which could position us to acquire land in Mentor," said Heather Phillips, the director of corporate communications for the Clinic. "At this time, no specific decisions have been made regarding potential uses of the land.

2. The trial of Joseph Thomas -- -- in Lake County Common Pleas Judge Richard Collins Jr.'s court room.

However, opening statement likely won't be delivered until next week.

In the mean time, prosecutors, defense attorneys and a pool of 140 potential jurors will go through to see if an unbiased jury can be put together for the trial.

If not, the capital murder trial will be held elsewhere.

McSween, 49, was found murdered Nov. 26, 2010, near in Mentor-on-the-Lake. She had tended bar at Lakeway that evening and closed the bar by herself.

3. A 5-2 majority of City Council voted for an ordinance that legalized bow hunting of deer in Mentor.

Mentor City Manager Kenneth Filipiak made it clear that this ordinance was just the beginning of a bigger plan to control the city's deer population.

Filipiak had previously for controlling the deer population in Mentor, which included culling.

However, any deer culling program would require a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The city, .

4. Officials from the city of Mentor, Lake County and the state of Ohio during a Mentor City Council meeting Tuesday night.

Smykowski, a native of Mentor, died at the age of 23 after the Hummer in which he rode hit a roadside bomb in June 2006 in the Al Anbar province of Iraq.

In recognition of his sacrifice and service, Route 84 from Broadmoor to Chillicothe Road was renamed in his honor.

and a video of that ceremony was shown Tuesday evening.


The restaurant will need line cooks, dish washers, servers, bartenders and hosts when it opens in October; and it is looking to fill all of those positions during an upcoming job fair in Mentor.

The job fair will be from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 11 and 12 at .



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