Bronze Stars, Heisman Trophies & Deer Money: A Week In Review

Catch some of the biggest news in and around Mentor this week

1. This week began tragically for one Mentor family.

A man who is accused of driving while drunk and speeding crashed his car into their home.

Not only did the crash hospitalize four people, including two children, it functionally demolished their home. (See photos of the destruction here.)

Fortunately, the Lukasiewicz-Blare family is recovering. Two banks are also collecting money to help them.

Meanwhile, the man who crashed into their home faces four charges of aggravated vehicular assault.

2. It has become a cliche for the older generation to denigrate the youth.

Common complaints begin with "Kids these days" or "they don't make them like they used to."

But World War II veteran and Mentor resident Bob Zonneville doesn't buy into all of that.

Mentor Public Schools recognized Zonneville -- the winner of two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star -- during its Board of Education meeting Tuesday.

When Zonneville had the opportunity to speak, he didn't talk about the war or even service. He talked about today's youth.

Watch what he had to say here.

3. It's been awhile (read: maybe a week or two) since we've written about deer in Mentor.

Recently, Mentor City Manager Kenneth Filipiak broke down what the deer population management progam is expected to cost the city next year.

4. Want something cute? How about a bunch of preschoolers singing holiday songs?

That cute enough for you?

5. Finally, ESPN was talking about Mentor High quarterback (and recently named Mr. Football) Mitch Trubisky earlier this week.

In fact, one ESPN reporter said Trubisky could be the next Johnny Manziel -- the winner of this year's Heisman Trophy.


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