Blue Collars, Pink Milk & Prostitution: A Week In Review

With a headline like that, do I even have to tell you it was an unusual week?

1. Maybe it's because I'm a guy or because my wife and I don't have children, but I had never heard of mastitis until and a host of other breast feeding problems earlier this week.

Pink milk, babies with vampire teeth -- Devone suffered it all. And it looks like other mothers feel her pain because her column has already been recommended more than 100 times on Facebook.

If you haven't read her column yet, .

You'll laugh. You'll cringe. You'll want to bottle feed.

2. Warmer weather tends to spur more unusual crime stories and you would think it was July on Mercury with some of the unusual stuff we've seen this past week.

  • .

It's almost enough to make someone wish for cooler weather. Almost.

3. How about some good news?

Debbie Jarosz, the community service director at Lake Catholic High School, works with a charity that supports medical centers in northern Uganda.

Learn more about Jarosz, Uganda and her cause .

4. Speaking of Lake Catholic, they held their annual Language Olympics this week.

The Spanish, French, German and Latin students challenged one another in physical, mental and culinary contests in front of a raucous crowd in the school's gym.

They faced off in everything from vocabulary to dodgeball.

(if only for the dodgeball shots.)

5. Finally, Mentor Patch's Moms Council talked about how they would react if their .


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