Food Inspections: Warm Produce, Cheese & Sour Cream Found at Mentor Restaurants

Food service providers with three or more violations in August and an update on the district making reports available online.

Leaders at the Lake County General Health District hoped to have their inspection reports posted online by October, but state officials told the district there may be a delay of a couple months.

"Realistically, we hope to have them up by the first of the new year," said Nancy Niehus, Director of Environmental Health at Lake County General Health District.

At that time, the state would upload reports from Lake County and other districts, with those entities linking back to the state's database of reports. Currently, paper copies of reports are kept at the district's Painesville office, but not electronically.

Niehus said the district would let restaurants and other food service providers know when the change is on the horizon. She hopes more exposure to the reports will produce better results and more cleanliness at places that serve food.

"If you're not thrilled with how your last inspection looked, let us know and we'll help," Niehus said.

Here are the food service providers who had three or more violations on their August reports. Each carries a category with a numerical ranking that is indicative of the risk the state believes there is for a patron to become ill. Restaurants are often listed as "C2S" or "C3S" and schools, "N2S" or "N4S," based on size and risk.
SharEd September 26, 2013 at 08:13 PM
Thank you Brandon for posting these. They are informative. It really makes me wonder the true conditions in all restaurants but I try not to dwell on it too much or I would never go out to eat . . .


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