Three More Rabid Skunks Found In Mentor

Eight rabid skunks have been found in Lake County this year, according to the Lake County General Health District

In the last month, three rabid skunks have been found in Mentor, according to the Lake County General Health District.

That brings the total of this year to eight; six in Mentor, one in Mentor-on-the-Lake and one in Painesville.

They were all dead or seriously ill when discovered.

The property owners were all questioned to determine to see if any humans or animals were potentially exposed to rabies. Additionally, all the pets' veterinarians confirmed the pets were up to date on their vaccinations.

Residents must be aware of the potential presence of rabies virus in wild animals, feral cats and unvaccinated dogs and cats. Rabies is fatal in unvaccinated animals and also fatal in humans who do not receive appropriate medical treatment, the heath district warned.

Recently in Summit County, an unvaccinated dog died of rabies after being bitten by a rabid raccoon. Several family members and veterinary staff were exposed to this dog and received medical attention.

The health district advises you to protect your pets and family members by vaccinating all animals routinely for rabies. In addition, turn on a light and check your yard for the presence of wild animals when letting pets outside after dark.

Avoid contact with wild animals and pets not known to you. Skunk activity is expected to decrease soon with the onset of colder weather. Animals that are sick may die in their dens over the winter without exposing humans or other animals.


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