Ebooks Now Available at Mentor Public Library

Library patrons can now download more than 250 eBooks from anywhere

Mentor Public Library is a tech-savvy library chain.

Guests can borrow its eReaders, play with its iPads, ,  or .

Now library members can also download from a selection of more than 250 eBooks for free using their cards.

Library cardholders can check out and download eBooks anytime, anywhere by visiting the Mentor Public Library website and using the OverDrive program.

By following instructions on the library's site, readers can download books onto a bevy of devices, including iPods, iPads, Nooks, Kobos, iPhones, Sony Readers and more. The library is still working to make Kindles compatible.

“We’re excited to offer Overdrive eBooks from our website as our latest ‘virtual branch’ service,” said MPL Executive Director Lynn Hawkins. “We are taking the library directly to our patrons, no matter where they are, or when they need our services.”

Some users may have to download an Adobe digital add-on to read the books from OverDrive, but any program a person will need would be free, said David Newyear, the head of the library's reference desk.

The library has set up an online tour, explaining how to download eBooks, for anyone who might have questions.

OverDrive offers more than 250 books, including titles from best-selling authors Stephen King and James Patterson.

Additionally, there are no late fees with the library's eBooks because they are automatically removed from your reader after the allotted time expires.

At the moment, OverDrive only offers eBooks through Mentor Public Library, even though the program also offers downloadable videos through other libraries.

"The overwhelming request we got from people coming to the library was for eBooks," Newyear said, "so we thought we'd start with that."


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